p h o t o   g a l l e r y

Macchiarini dot pin

Macchiarini steel and brass dot pin

Macchiarini opal and brass pin

Macchiarini music note pin

Macchiarini three rings

Macchiarini group of fish pins

Macchiarini Bloodstone ring

Macchiarini Guitar brooch

Macchiarini Samurai pin

Peter Macchiarini in his studio 1999

 Studio Macchiarini:   My experience
A shop window with unbelievable treasures.....little sculptures, a feast for the eyes of anyone seeking art.

I forgot to ring the bell-- Daniel laughed. Daniel and Peter--sweet,  kind, geniuses!

I own a piece of Macchiarini sculpture. I can wear it---what bliss!

Marbeth Schon

Peter and Daniel Macchiarini in the studio 1999

photo credits:   Jill Crawford,   Patrick Kapty,  Peter Macchiarini,  Daniel Macchiarini, Christie Romero,
 and  Marbeth Schon
Special  thanks to the Macchiarinis. Jill Crawford, and Christie Romero

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