In memory of
Patsy Roach


Patsy Roach passed away earlier this year from complications due to a long struggle with Multiple Sclerosis.  Her passing creates a huge void within the community of American studio jewelers and jewelry historians. 

As well as an accomplished jeweler, Patsy was a consummate collector with an incredibly discerning "eye." She defended many emerging artists by giving them shows at her gallery in Park Rapids, Minnesota, and, throughout her life, continued to promote the work of people she admired.

Though, because of her disease, Patsy had long ago lost the ability to walk, she continued to live life to its fullest. The picture above was taken recently in Naples, Florida, her home for many years. When I snapped the above photo of her, she and I were having fun trying on a group of 1950's hats that belonged to her mother-in-law Ruth Roach . 

It was a great privilege to know Patsy.  She was fun, intelligent, witty, and extremely knowledgeable regarding artist/craftsmen who were her contemporaries. I learned a great deal from Patsy.  She was generous with her time, her possessions, and her advice. Everywhere she went, she made friends. She told me that when her friends really wanted an honest opinion, they would say, "And what do you think, Patsy?"  I  valued her opinion and am going to miss being able to ask that question.

I will deeply miss Patsy--she was a wonderful person and a true friend.

Marbeth Schon__________________________

For more information about Patsy Roach and her life as a jeweler with her husband Bill, go to Roach2, A Love Story.


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