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I have two 4" Salvador Teran Swordfish pins. I would like to trade one of them for the matching earrings.
Thank you.Patricia M. Kuppel


Currently seeking to acquire hand fabricated studio jewelry from the 1960's through 1980's in a variety of materials including dripped bronze, sterling silver, gold and organics.
Large scaled neck, wrist and hand pieces are most welcomed.

mail: lisa@20thObsession.com


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I am desperately looking to replace my grandmother's bracelet which I have lost--Georg Jensen USA bracelet "leaves and berries" designed by Alphonse La Paglia.

email: sylviematthews@yahoo.com

Looking for jewelry by Jane Wiberg, Ruth Roach, and exceptional cufflinks, especially those by American  Studio Jewelers from my books, MODERNIST JEWELRY, 1930-1960 The Wearable Art Movement and FORM & FUNCTION, American Modernist Jewelry, 1940 - 1970. 

email: mschonmodern@gmail.com

During one of my sojourns to the Cape I was given a ring by Henry Steig --14k gold, very thin snake, a small gold bead at one end, a large pearl on the other - so simple!  I loved that ring - as well as the special person who'd given it to me.  I wore it for years and years - until the awful night it caught on a shawl.  I hunted for HOURS - retraced my steps over and over again.  But it was gone.  I would love to have that ring back - So if you ever come across it, please,
puleeeeese keep me in mind.  You have no idea how much it would mean to me.
Nathalie Daniels

email: naldanmon@hotmail.com

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I am looking for specific Finnish silver earrings. I had a pair, but lost one earring in a fire in our home. You see, I was very attached to the earrings emotionally. They were my mother´s.  The picture of the remaining earring and the necklace of the same series can be seen here.

They were designed by Jorma Laine, who worked for Kultateollisuus KY at the time. I have seen a brooch of the same series attributed to Auran Kultasepät. My jewellery has hallmarks for 1967.
I would appreciate it if you could tell me if you´ve ever seen these sold, or if you could indeed inform me if you get a pair of these earrings - or even one!

email: anne.nyman@tuubi.net

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