Vinnie Miller - Jewelry Artist

Orchids 1,2,3/ brooches/ copper 


My imagination takes the process of creativity to another level.  Challenging my imagination to create something new and wonderful-something that has never existed before - is by far, the most exhilarating, life affirming experience of my creative journey.

Saturn brooch/ silver, brass

 Tulip pendant/ silver, brass

Leaf  necklace/ silver, copper

Dos Personas earrings/ silver

Vine necklace/ silver, copper

My approach to making objects is to engage my senses - especially those that evoke memory. I play with form until it surprises me with the shape it wants to be. Whether Im watching a leaf float through trees, drawing in wet sand, or searching for the perfect black stone in the forest all these encounters inform what I will make and how I will make it.  Beauty in nature is there to stun the imagination: leaves, stones, trees, flowers, textures, and shapes and colors its all there to make the eyes widen and the heart beat faster. 


        Nautilus earrings and bracelet/ silver

 I work straight on metal: hammering, twisting, and piercing.  All my shapes are made in one movement.  Intuitively, when I form a shape, I let the metal guide me eventually the shape will reveal itself - then I work quickly to set it free.

All my pieces are made to adorn, and to interact with the wearer.  My goal is to inspire thought; to engage the wearer and the viewer in a conversation about shape, composition, design and even architecture.  My love for shaping is a fascinating and amazing journey - one shape leads me to the next - it's an endless discovery of new designs.

Rainbow Fish pendant/ silver  

Saturn bracelet/ copper, silver  Seaside earrings/ silver    Blossom earrings/ silver
I do not differentiate between making jewelry and making sculpture - both share the same artistic  space in my life - they come from the same creative well.  A beautiful design can transport me with its perfect balance of line, shape and composition - these elements elevate the wearer and the viewer to a place where jewelry and sculpture meet and become one.


 My wearable pieces spark wonderment, imagination, and conversation -  and thats what the journey of making something new is all about.


                     Runner earrings/ silver  

Wave earrings/silver




Metropolitan Museum of Art/Design Studio
Parsons School of Design: Sculpture/ Philip Pavia
Cooper Union/ Modern Jewelry Design
Nicole Gagne/ Jewelry Designer
Jim Hemmel Jewelry Designer


Allan Stone Gallery
Holly Solomon, Small Works
Civilization Gallery
Gallery II/ Jewelry
Starr M. Gallery
Martha Jones Gallery
Knobkerry Gallery
Museum of Natural History
Electra Gallery
Benson Gallery
Modern Silver Magazine

 Dune earrings/ silver


Solar ring/ silver

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