To subscribe to SilverForum, go to  or simply send an email to 
UNSUBSCRIBING To unsubscribe, simply send an email to
Go to  check the box for "no mail" and then save preferences.  You will have to go back in and uncheck the box to receive mail again.
DIGEST VERSION Go to  and check the box for "digest version" and save preferences.
POSTING To post to SilverForum, send your post to
SIGNING YOUR POST Please sign your post with your name and your location (i.e. city or state). This helps to avoid confusion in cases where there is more than one person with the same name.
REPLYING TO A POST To reply to a post, simply click on "reply" and then "send."  If you wish to send an email directly to the sender, you must copy and paste that person's email address into the "send to" box.
ATTACHMENTS Please do not attach image files to your posts to SilverForum. They will be automatically removed by Yahoo Groups. The best way to share an image file is to upload your image to your web space, and then list the URL in your post.  Yahoo and Photobucket are free services you may wish to use to upload photographs if you don't have web space of you own.
FOR SALE POSTS 'For Sale' posts are not allowed. Posts regarding items for sale on eBay or other auction sites are specifically NOT permitted. You are welcome to put a URL to your website at the bottom of your email after your name.
The most frequently encountered situations should be covered below, but if you have any further questions please feel free to contact us at

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