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by Marbeth Schon

Whimsical, magical, slightly medieval, somewhat disquieting, and uniquely beautiful are the creations of sculptor/jeweler Cher Fox.  

Fox's jewelry first came to my attention  when I admired a  fabulous handmade ring on the finger of a friend, artist Tate Ramsey, who said it had been made by her daughter, Cher Fox. It was almost three years later that I  was privileged to meet Cher  and acquire a few treasured pieces of her jewelry.

Cher Fox lives and creates handmade jewelry and sculpture in Baton Rouge, Louisiana where she obtained a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with a double major in sculpture/jewelry and metalsmithing in 1999 from Louisiana State University.

sterling silver, chrysoprase, and garnet necklace with woven fine silver (.999) chain

Cher's creations are both modern and anthropomorphic.  Each piece seems to be alive, whether an actual representation of a being or an abstraction.  They writhe and have surfaces like reptiles or sea creatures, stand on curving feet like mice, or resemble mythological creatures.

silver and Chiapas amber brooch




silver & Chiapas amber ring                                            

In  1998, Cher Fox exhibited her jewelry in the Premier Showing of Amber of  Chiapas at the Crafts Gallery of Baton Rouge along with nine other studio jewelers.  Amber from Chiapas, Mexico, is considered to be some of the most beautiful in the world and is left natural and untreated.  Cher's jewelry designs for the amber seem to point back toward it's ancient  origins.

pair of silver and Chiapas amber rings

copper, silver, & hematite brooch

copper, silver, silver wire, glass beads and goldstone beads brooch

Her technique of rolling copper, making grooves in the copper, filling the grooves with silver and then polishing the surface produces astonishing results--sometimes romantic and Medusa-like as is the piece to the right and sometimes abstract like the brooch above.

 Cher Fox welding

Cher Fox prefers sculpture to jewelry making.  As a child, she was fond of building things and her favorite toy was a tool kit she would carry around with her.  As a teenager, she mowed lawns to make money to buy 'muscle cars' which she would take apart and restore.  She still considers 'muscle' cars from the 1960s the ultimate sculpture.  She says it may have to do with her birth--she was born in the back of a 1963 Impala.

Cher  recently won the Grand Prize for 3-dimensional work  in Quill and Kiln, an exhibit at the Ohr, O'Keefe Museum of Art in Biloxi, Mississippi for a life sized steel sculpture of a cow.  Though she doesn't create pieces in order to make any sort of preconceived statement , Cher says that her cow may represent suffering and the sadder side of our treatment of each other and the world around us.

steel sculpture--cow 

Cher is presently  working on a collection of steel sculptures of Gulf Coast birds.  She exhibited at the International Exhibition on Animals in Art in 2000 where she won Honorable Mention.

steel sculpture--Gulf Coast bird

steel sculpture--Vulture

steel sculpture--Osprey

In 1996,  while a student at Louisiana State University, Cher won First Place in the New Orleans Alpha awards contest for Student Jewelry Design. 

She pays incredible attention to detail and many of her pieces are as well designed on the  reverse as they are on the front.  The pendant (below) which was intended to be worn with the stone showing (left),  works just as well reversed (right).

Her handmade chains are highly labor intensive and sculptural, sometimes woven from fine (.999) silver.

silver, slate or mica pendant
 with hand made silver chain


Cher participated in the Insecticide Show at the Thomas Mann Gallery in New Orleans in 2000.  Her completely handmade whimsical ant chain (below) is 3 feet  long.

silver pendant inspired by a sea skate shell

silver ant chain

I'm particularly fond of the this piece (right).  Daniel Macchiarini, in an article for this magazine, spoke about "using different layers of metal and different types of metal and patinas to effect depth within the form."Even though this piece has actual depth, it also has perceived depth because of it's layers of hammered leaves, copper ring, stretched ring of silver, and textured background with bezel-set diamond.

sliver, copper, & diamond pendant

Cher Fox

Cher recently showed her work at the 
Ann Connelly fine Art Gallery in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and the Ohr, O'Keefe Museum of Art in Biloxi, Mississippi.

Her steel cow will be on loan at the Chattahoochee Valley Art Museum in La Grange, Georgia and the City of Baton Rouge has purchased a sculpture for the Baton Rouge Zoo and two sculptures for their Botanical Gardens.

You can email Cher Fox  at

Her work can be purchased online at

1Daniel Macchiarini, Macchiarini on Macchiarini, MODERN SILVER magazine, June/July 2000.

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Photographs by  Marbeth Schon and courtesy of Cher Fox
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